Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rwanda On My Mind

The profile picture to the right accompanied a post at My FDL on Sunday by Wendy Davis. It immediately brought to mind a picture I clipped from The Economist back in 1994 when the genocide in Rwanda was raging and we were doing nothing to stop it.

A little boy crouched next to a fresh grave, his hands holding his head while he cried, probably for his mother who was gone. We as a country did nothing to stop that barbarism. Clinton hid behind the UN to say there was nothing we could do to help the people who were dying there.

Why? Well, as we've seen from Bush's illegal invasion and occupation of Irak and NATO's invasion of Libya, both, by the way resulting in the death of their respective leaders, the United States isn't shy when it comes to interfering with the politics in another country as long as the United States is going to benefit from it in some way. And by the United States, I mean the corporations that are draining the treasury and buying politicians in both parties. The corporate entities that the Roberts court gave human rights to in the Citizens United case. As long as there is a dollar to be banked or stolen anywhere in the world, the United States is ready and willing to send in Marines and soldiers who actually believe that there is still some sense of moral foundation for what their leaders ask them to do.

It is long past time that things in this country changed. Our electoral system is a joke as evidenced by the cast of clowns being fronted by the Republican Party for its presidential nomination so that the current occupant in the White House, the Wall Street whore and war criminal Barry Obama, can win another term as president. He didn't succeed in completely destroying Social Security in his first four years and, since that was why he was chosen to be president, he gets another shot at it.

Meanwhile, Marine aircraft are based in Djibouti in case we completely lose our minds and decide to go to war with Iran. Children are starving in the Horn of Africa, as the picture on this page depicts, and children are starving in America and not just in Appalachia. But the Masters of War continue to destroy life while reaping billions of dollars that could be better spent in so many other ways.

But doesn't Michelle Obama just look so genuine when she talks about helping kids eat healthy?   Of course, it's only the kids who count, not your kids or my kids, because we're just drones.

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